My Hair Transitioning story

okay so am 6 months post relaxer and i hope to transition for about a year then a BC. Am really excited about this decision and look forward to having a hair all full and natural.I started having chemicals plastered on my hair at a very  young age so i have never got to know what my natural feels really feels like. This is a new experience and i am loving it already so its exciting to me.

I have a sensitive scalp,chemicals hurt me a lot sometimes burns my scalp and then my front hair looks terrible but the rest of the hair keeps getting so long,i kept changing relaxers to get the perfect thing for the hair all my life until one time i stumbled on someone’s YouTube natural video and i was like; “yea maybe i should try this” and i know that’s the best decision i have taken for the hair. lol.

I have more interest taking care of my  hair now,i wash my hair at least 2times in a week,co wash,do a hot oil treatment and  deep condition. It keeps me really busy all week but that’s when i don’t have a protective though,its not easy taking this  decision because you will get a lot of discouraging comments.

When i went to the salon to  get my protective in,i met a cute lady and she asked me why i was going natural,i simply replied that i loved it and it was a decision am excited about. She wasn’t convinced about because its weird to her maybe and she asked “.. or was it what the holy spirit said to u?” It was funny then but that’s how much we appreciate our natural hair in nigeria.It has to be some religious thing to people,we need to make people know more about this and accept the hair we have.Its kinky,its nappy whatever but then its my hair and my responsibility to know how to take care of it in a healthy way

Like i said its just 6months post relaxer and i have a protective style now(kinky twist) to help me take my hands off the hair for a while. I hope to carry this for about 5weeks but would moisturize and wash through this journey.

I will try to put updates on my hair regimen and what works for me with pictures as well with time. There are a lot of natural divas that inspire me on you tube,i read their blogs,i get ideas everywhere.

In case you are out there and you are thinking of going natural,it may not be easy at first but i bet you would love it with time. I totally love mine! join me on this lets inspire each other.Ask your questions and lets bring more awareness to people

Here’s a picture of the kinky i put

my kinky

About naturalrify

Hello, my name is Rify and welcome to my page, where I record my personal journey to growing healthy, natural hair while sharing tips and info on hair care and every other nice thing i learn on this journey. Enjoy your time & stay connected. Thank you for visiting and God bless.
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16 Responses to My Hair Transitioning story

  1. jane says:

    Oh wow,this is so nice. I transitioned for a year as well and i did a BC. It wasn’t easy in nigeria,it took me a while to realize to do with my hair here and people with that look. Lol. I Know what you are saying girl. Am 4years natural now and they all go : “Bam is this your natural hair”?
    Go girl,we are in this together.

  2. Chiamaka says:

    Hi Ify, i think its amazing you are going natural. I had my last relaxer in May 2012 and i transitioned for about 10 months. I had braids in all the time and on March 9th 2013, i big chopped myself and it was amazing. I have a TWA teeny weeny afro now. So, well done on your journey to having natural hair. You can check out my blog for my pix and what products i have been using so far..

  3. Ken says:

    Okay oo, I’m Watching with yu… Dunno if I’ll know the Difference tho :p

  4. Ciousky says:

    Pride my dear in your natural hair. The best thing I have heard in a while. Spread the news, most people are skeptical about going natural because they don’t know what to expect. Hopefully, you story will encourage many to go natural. More super grease to your elbow. Have fun!!!!!!

  5. yugo says:

    Oh this looks amazingly gorgeous.. Hmmmmm but I hav been carrying my natural hear all my life! Kudos 2 me though lolsss. Jus stick 2 dat ok.. Its inspiring!

  6. amazing hair style… thumbs up

  7. mynaturalbeing says:

    good luck on your journey!! patients is the key!!!

    if you could follow my blog that would be great!!

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