Wigs as a protective style.

 Since i started my transitioning hair journey,wigs have been a life saver for me.I had my last perm in September 2012,i cut my hair quite short but not a big chop.Wigs came in handy at the time as i didn’t know much to do with my hair. P1000088[1] 

For the purpose of changing looks i plan to use wigs for 4weeks, currently in the 2nd week.After that am going to do a sew-in weave.

Personally,i prefer wigs to weaves now.That’s because i don’t get to wash,deep condition,moisturize my hair as often as i ought to with weaves and i can only have them in for at most 2weeks.

A wig can give an instant makeover and encourage the hair to grow.Some of them actually look like weaves(depends on the type you get).

There are several reasons i really prefer wigs…..

  • They offer a cost effective way to protect the hair while transitioning,allowing me to do the major thing that needs to be done to endure a long term transition to natural; LEAVING THE HAIR ALONE!. The line where the relaxed hair and the new growth meets is called the demarcation line and its the most fragile on a hair strand.Constant combing,pulling,styling,brushing will only cause it to snap off at that line.
  • Wigs are removable so i still have a full access to my real hair.To wash,moisturize,deep condition as often as i need to
  • wigs are cheaper than sew-in,i can purchase a number of them and switch them up according to my mood.
  • No need to worry about styling my hair all the time for work.
  • I still get to protect my transitioning hair,by wearing it in cornrows and keeping them moisturized underneath the wig.
  • Its very useful when you need to avoid the ‘ugly phase’ of transitioning; transitioning can be tough and hard to maintain the sexy girl look at all times when i cant style my hair the way i want. I wear a sexy girl wig i want and keep my confidence level to a 10!

As numerous as the good reasons may be,it can also be a cause to hair breakage if you are not careful.


  • wearing a wig that requires glue to secure.The application and removal process can be very traumatic for your hair.
  • wearing a wig which is too tight.It would do two things for you,give you a headache and cause your hair to break.
  • wearing your wig 24/7.Wigs rub at the hairline and may literally rub your hairline away. put your wig on during the day if you have to and allow your hair to breathe at night.

Most importantly,

keep your wig clean and fresh so it does not cause bacteria to breed.

sorry,this picture is really dark but the wig has this natural look of a permed hair. I curled it to achieve this.

sorry,this picture is really dark but the wig has this natural look of a permed hair. I curled it to achieve this.

About naturalrify

Hello, my name is Rify and welcome to my page, where I record my personal journey to growing healthy, natural hair while sharing tips and info on hair care and every other nice thing i learn on this journey. Enjoy your time & stay connected. Thank you for visiting and God bless.
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7 Responses to Wigs as a protective style.

  1. Ifeanyi says:

    More power to ur fingers doln

  2. Tafi says:

    I so agree with you! I’m over weaves, wigs are more ‘protective’. Great article.

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  4. shani allen says:

    Hey, great article, my question is, how do you keep your wig clean and fresh so it does not cause bacteria to breed?

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