Hair Update

I have been quite busy over the past weeks and I wasn’t able to put an update on my hair journey with wig as a protective style. Am done with wigs for now and i put my hair back in a kinky twist. I didn’t put the kinky twist myself as I thought I would try, the fear of not being able to complete the whole hair sends me to the salon each time. I will start by touching up the edges when it’s bad and see how it progresses.

The stylist did a good job, no stresses on my edges at all. I have had them in for 9days and its still as it was styled from the first day. Image

Transitioning with wig the last month helped me to have a better relationship with my hair,knowing what works more for my growth. I don’t go trying to experiment more products as all am using now seem to work well for me. Few tips that have helped me so far in my journey;

  • Moisturizing; I cannot over emphasize how much my hair loves moisture. It’s turning out fine with less breakage and really soft. Growing out softer than I actually thought it would be.The most important on my hair regimen
  • Trimming; This helps my hair grow out healthily by keeping the ends clean. Since am transitioning, I don’t care how much I trim right now knowing that I would eventually trim off  the rest of the relaxed part in September when it’s a year post relaxer. It’s difficult to achieve a long healthy hair with split ends,they may travel from your ends to the mid shaft of your strand and damages even more.
  • Clean Scalp; Washing, conditioning, deep conditioning have all played their roles. I hear some naturalistas argue if deep conditioning may be a myth but fortunately it works for me. It helps to make my hair soft and easy to handle so I am sticking to it
  • Protecting my hair at night; Wearing a satin scarf not only keeps my braid in style but also protects my hair from breaking while I sleep.You may choose to use a satin/silk pillowcase,that’s fine.
  • Low manipulation; I put my hair in protective styles all the time to protect my ends to avoid frequent combing,touching,pulling etc.A lot of that causes stress on the hair root.

I don’t visit the salon as often as I used to before my hair journey. From washing my hair, applying chemicals, Sew in weave, braids to taking them down… Etc. It has reduced to going for a braid or a sew in weave(if I need to),I totally love this feeling!

 I get some funny looks and comments when people know am going natural which just inspires me more. Back then in the days when going natural was attributed to being too religious.

Looking at how good my hair has turned out in 8months,I can only say this is the best decision for my hair

The 1st and last time I had a yarn braid was about 6years ago and I am thinking of it again.

About naturalrify

Hello, my name is Rify and welcome to my page, where I record my personal journey to growing healthy, natural hair while sharing tips and info on hair care and every other nice thing i learn on this journey. Enjoy your time & stay connected. Thank you for visiting and God bless.
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4 Responses to Hair Update

  1. Stephanie says:

    I really like your blog. Keep up the good work!

  2. elebecky says:

    Love your journey and blog..I’m in a natural journey too..and I also want to spread the Natural movement here in Italy, so please follow my journey in my blog “NaturalFrameOfMind”, it’s for all the girls that are not yet sure about their potential!

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