Apple Cider Vinegar – Dandruff and itchy scalp relief

Finally,i have got something that works for my itchy scalp.Over time i realized my scalp won’t just stop itching,no matter how much i wash after a couple of days it continues.This happens more when i have my hair in braids,i keep trying to figure out what else to do apart from washing my scalp every time because this gets my braid old quickly. I got some suggestions  to try Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV),I read some articles which recommended this as well but i never got to try for no reason.

It can get so unbearable and annoying sometimes added to the weather which is always hot these days,you get a temperature as high as 32° on a very normal day.I needed to try something else that doesn’t involve scratching my scalp and roughening these braids,then i decided to try the Apple Cider Vinegar.Am so happy i did that i keep wondering why it took me this long to do it.Image

Apple Cider Vinegar is an amazing product to have on hand as an all-in-one health and beauty product,the natural cures it provides can be used from head to toe.It reduces the glucose level in diabetic patients,lowers cholesterol and high blood pressure,aids in weight loss. A few studies claims vinegar kill cancers or slows their growth. There are just a lot of reasons why Apple Cider Vinegar is actually good but the part that interests me most now is what it does for my scalp.It contains acetic acid which breaks down any build up on your hair and scalp and also balances the hair’s pH level to give more shine.It kills bacteria so you know your hair is beautiful and germ-free afterwards.

I used it the Apple Cider Vinegar to clean my scalp and i don’t itch so much anymore,am going to be using this more often to clean my hair while in braids.No more shampoos for now.When i take the braids out,i will try to use Apple Cider Vinegar mixed with baking soda to wash my hair and see how it feels afterwards. Will put an update on that.

Have you tried Apple Cider Vinegar for your hair? What does it do for you?


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Hello, my name is Rify and welcome to my page, where I record my personal journey to growing healthy, natural hair while sharing tips and info on hair care and every other nice thing i learn on this journey. Enjoy your time & stay connected. Thank you for visiting and God bless.
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57 Responses to Apple Cider Vinegar – Dandruff and itchy scalp relief

  1. Hey! How do you apply it to your scalp and in what ratio to water so you dilute it? Thanks

    • naturalrify says:

      Hi, thank you for visiting. I actually didn’t dilute it, I soaked a cotton wool with it and cleaned my scalp. I felt a sharp sting that stopped almost immediately the first time i used it . It’s acidic though so you might want to check if your scalp can handle it or better still you add some water to it. It was good for me and didnt harm me. I hope this was helpful.

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  4. olowotolu says:

    i use acv for so many things, it’s practically my hair’s lifesaver. i detangle,use it to tone my face,and use it as a rinse when my hair feels really dirty.

  5. peace says:

    Thanks for this…I have the same problem you had,my scalp itch a lot and anytime I braid or fix before u know it,it starts smelling,I sweat on my head a lot though.pls where can I get it in abuja?thanks

    • naturalrify says:

      Am glad it was helpful. You can get Apple Cider Vinegar in a lot of shops in abuja. It depends on which is closest to you. You can try Park & Shop, shoprite, Next Cash & carry. It’s all there.

  6. sheliza says:

    do u have to wash it with shampoo after applying it?

  7. Olesya says:

    I’ve used acv just 2 times and alredy my scalp not itchy like before and my hair don’t became oily for 4 days!I am going to continue using acv to make my hair free from all bacteria and itchy scalp!

  8. nubnnatural says:

    I’ve tried acv rinse as well and I love it. I’ve done research on the baking soda and it seems that the potential damage it does to hair outweigh the benefits. It’s stripping to our hair, or so I read. I haven’t tried it tho.

    • naturalrify says:

      Oh really?Haven’t done an extensive research on the damage yet, just know some naturalistas say it’s good instead of a using a sulfate shampoo. My hair is almost always in protective styles so haven’t had the opportunity to try them both. I still use the acv on my hair though.
      Thank you for pointing this out.

  9. RelaxedFemale says:

    I have relaxed hair but my scalp is occasionally very itchy, oily and flaky. How would I use acv? Would I shampoo my hair first then use the acv? Or do I just use the acv and nothing else?

    • naturalrify says:

      I don’t think it really matters how you want to do it even though it’s good to have a clean scalp. I use just the acv on my scalp usually when I have braids on and don’t want to shampoo. ACV replaces shampoo at that point. I initially started by diluting it with equal proportion of water but i don’t do that anymore because it doesn’t hurt as much as it used to earlier. Please let me know if this answers the question.

      • Nitab says:

        You may not want to wash your hair with baking soda. It has a very high ph level and will open your cuticle to much. ACV rinses actually lowers your ph level and seal your cuticles. Check out greenbeauty channel about ph levels.She has alot of good information on her channel

      • naturalrify says:

        Oh really? Thank you for sharing. I haven’t really done much research on the baking soda for the hair. Just one of the things i have thought about trying maybe. Thanks

  10. My hair is in senegalese twists right now and ACV has been keeping my from going insane with my itchy/irritated scalp. I’ve used it on wash days when I flat iron but with braids it’s my life line. I also mix in rosemary, peppermint and lavender oils.

    • naturalrify says:

      Totally my life line as well in briads. Am going to try add some scented oil maybe to reduce how it smells, I just haven’t been able to figure out what to add yet.
      Thank you for stopping by.

  11. Hailey says:

    I found you on Pinterest yesterday. After I read through, I tried it last night and I was thrilled! I have it on my face and scalp and haven’t been able to afford the expensive prescriptions. This is the greatest thing I’ve come across. My face felt so soft and so did my hair. I’ve had the best skin day today that I’ve had in a very long time. Thank you so much!!!!

  12. evelyn van wey says:

    can you leave it overnight in your scalp?

    • naturalrify says:

      Hi Evelyn,
      I leave it on my scalp. That’s what I use to clean my scalp if I don’t wish to wash so it stays there till another wash day.

      • Nia says:

        There’s a step you can take *prior* to getting the braids that will help your itching tremendously! The day before braiding, fill a sink or bucket with water, pour in a bottle of ACV and soak your braid hair in that mixture. (Leave the rubber bands on the hair to keep it from becoming an unmanageable mess). Watch the residue that comes off and rises to the top of the water. It’s pretty gross! After a couple of hours, rinse the hair *really* well with clean water and hang it to dry overnight. Then get your braids done as usual. I have almost zero itching with braids when I do this and I’m super grateful to my friend who told me about this. Hope it works for you!

      • naturalrify says:

        Oh really? Haven’t heard of that. Will sure try it next time. Thank you.

  13. sani says:

    where can I get ACV I’m Abj I’ve bn to Shoprite ,Amigo can find it ie the one with d mother.

  14. Julia says:

    Has anyone used avc with a spray bottle?

  15. Lolypop says:

    after i spray in do i have to rinse it out

    • naturalrify says:

      You don’t have. I don’t rinse out mine anyways. It does have an awful smell though but it helps my itchy scalp

      • juliet tutu says:

        Hi there I just need a quick answer. I left my conditioner in overnight and after since then I have been having a bad irritating scalp. I tried to put in braids and it was so unbearable so ahd to tke it out. What can I use to stop the itchiness please……

      • naturalrify says:

        Hi Juliet,
        Sorry about that? I know how Annoying itchy scalp can be. Have you tried using apple Cider vinegar on your scalp? That’s what I use for my itchy scalp and it works for me.
        I hope this helps?

  16. Stephen Hobs says:

    I love Apple Cider Vinegar! It worked wonders with my itchy scalp as well. I also found this website that talks about other natural treatments for dandruff if ACV doesn’t work.

  17. Evaleen Tan says:

    Hi I don’t have braided hair. I’ve always been having either long Straight hair or long Curly hair.
    Does Apple Cider Vinegar bottle suitable for straight/curly hair? Is apple cider vinegar suitable for DAILY USE?

    As for acne oily face with black whiteheads, I’m also looking into other useful products like ACV.
    Pls reply here thanks! PM me in fb thanks!

    • naturalrify says:

      You could try it once and see how it works for you. I can clean my scalp daily with ACV and it works well for my hair. Your scalp might react differently or not.

      You might have to try it to find out if it works okay for you.

      ACV is good for acne,i clean my face at night with it as well even though I don’t have acne. I love how my face feels after that.

      I hope this was helpful.

  18. Lawyergirl says:

    Hello, I’m glad I came accross your blog. My recently braided hair(scalp) has been driving me crazy and to think I’ve always had ACV in my house. Definitely going to try it and the other oils someone mentioned. Thank you for sharing.

  19. Lora says:

    Hello dear, tnx a lot. I did faux braids, and they’re so tight. Since the first day, I’ve been itching so bad that I’m sure I’ve given myself sores from scratching. I’m transiting, so haven’t relaxed in a while. I’ll just do the acv. But how will my scalp react since it has sores?

    • naturalrify says:

      Sorry this is late. Been off for a long while. ACV is quite acidic and hurts on scalp without sores. You might want to dilute it well before use or speak to a doctor. I used it sometime when i had a sore though, it hurt for a while and it was ok

  20. I just purchased some apple cider vinegar today! I can’t wait to try it.

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