Longest dreadlocks ever!!!!

  I was reading some articles on Asha Mandela, a 50 year old Atlanta resident who has earned the name “the Black Rapunzel” because she holds the Guinness World Record for “World’s Longest Dreadlocks”.

  Her dreads were officially measured to be 19 feet, 6 inches long, but an unofficial measurement found one of the strands to be 55 feet, 7 inches. Wow!! Just Wow!!

  She has grown her locks for 25 years,washes her hair every week,uses six bottles of shampoo and her hair takes two days to dry… “After 25 years of growth, my hair has really become part of me and I feel that if I ever cut my hair I’d really be taking away my life”. (I can imagine.)


  Well the interesting part for me is that she is black.That means ‘We’ can achieve a long healthy and natural hair. Despite being warned by doctors that her hair could paralyze her because of the weight,she says she will never cut it.. Now that’s shocking!!!

She said: ‘The doctors seem to think i have a curvature of my spine and that it’s the length and weight of my hair that’s making me curve.

“Some have said my neck collapsed at the back and that i need to be careful because i could start having spasms in my spine and probably be paralyzed’.

As nice as it may be its just unrealistic for me to have that length of hair especially when it interferes with my overall well-being. (Then that’s just my opinion but her decision).

  She puts it in a baby sling when she leaves the house to reduce the weight.



  Hmmmm, I wish her all the luck.

About naturalrify

Hello, my name is Rify and welcome to my page, where I record my personal journey to growing healthy, natural hair while sharing tips and info on hair care and every other nice thing i learn on this journey. Enjoy your time & stay connected. Thank you for visiting and God bless.
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9 Responses to Longest dreadlocks ever!!!!

  1. Tafi says:

    Wow… And they say black people don’t grow long hair…

  2. cindynich says:

    Awesome n scary..

  3. blkbuttaflie says:

    WOW that’s pretty amazing but I don’t think I would have let them grow that long. WOW!

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