Sew-in weave as my protective style.

So i successfully stayed away from sew-in weaves for 19months. Whooa!!!

It’s even difficult for me to believe knowing there was a time changing weaves was all I did to the hair.

Well, this was an intentional act to help me not abandon my roots as I transitioned and it turned out to be a good option for me.

I attempted to have a sew-in weave some months ago but the stylist was bad at the front closure and the weave went down immediately it was installed. *so sad*

This installation turned out great and I think I will be doing this more often from now.

The reason i decided to try a sew-in weave again was because i noticed my front hairline was  shedding a lot. I thought maybe it could be from the plenty braids I do and wanted to take a break.

Before I installed this, I washed,did a deep conditioning and a protein treatment.  Let’s see how long this lasts for.

Some of the pictures of the weave I did.



Do you use sew-in as a protective style? How long do you leave it in for?

About naturalrify

Hello, my name is Rify and welcome to my page, where I record my personal journey to growing healthy, natural hair while sharing tips and info on hair care and every other nice thing i learn on this journey. Enjoy your time & stay connected. Thank you for visiting and God bless.
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8 Responses to Sew-in weave as my protective style.

  1. isleofazure says:

    Hi Dear, looking good, Nope, do not use sew inΒ΄s, twists are my protective styles πŸ™‚ Someday will look into other styles πŸ™‚

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