The last thing a person who’s trying so hard to grow a longer hair wants to hear is that she needs to trim her ends.

Well, there’s a myth and common misconception that trimming your ends make your hair grow faster, thats not true . However a trim should be part of a healthy hair regimen. Trimming eliminates weathered, thinned, split and knotted ends.Its advised to do a regular trim, if you let your hair  show signs that it needs a trim before you do, the damage may already have been done and you may end up cutting more than you should have trimmed.

How often should you trim your ends  is a frequently asked question in the natural hair community . Hair naturally starts to split from 3months so trimming every 3months could help with with a healthier looking hair.It all depends on the individual though. After a trim, sealing your ends properly with hair butters or oils  in between could help to prolong the need for another trim and therefore can be extended to 4/5 months.

You know you need a trim if your bathroom floor  is cluttered  with little strands of hair after your hairdo, when your hair is stuck at one length. Damaged ends can keep your curls from attaining their full growth potential. Trimming reduces the continous cycle of splits and breakages which impacts length retention and can make it seem like the hair is not growing.

Trimming does not grow hair neither does it stunt growth, hair grows an average of 1/2 inch monthly.  Cutting more than required can make it look like your hair is not growing.

Back to me, i haven’t trimmed all year so i decided to have a trim. I trimmed about 1inch or slightly more because my hair really needed it, been lazy about till it just couldnt wait anymore. Will try to do this more often though. I usually do a twist and trim the ends.


I had the 4 buns underneath. Lol. Too lazy to bother.


I put my hair in 4 buns and wore a wig to church


Those edges crying for a trim


How much i trimmed


My ends are  trimmed


I love my ends

About naturalrify

Hello, my name is Rify and welcome to my page, where I record my personal journey to growing healthy, natural hair while sharing tips and info on hair care and every other nice thing i learn on this journey. Enjoy your time & stay connected. Thank you for visiting and God bless.
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