Hair Humor.


Lol,this is soooooo me!!!

Shout out to all the Hair Mix_tresses and Herbalists like me😂.

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Jesus is the reason for the season,may this consciousness not depart from us.

Have a wonderful holiday!

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Wigs by Moi!!!

My best protective styles are wigs and braids😆. Just out of looking for what to do with the weaves i have as i don’t really get install them,i decided to make a wig.

I grew up not knowing how to cornrow,my natural movement has actually helped me to try out things and this is quite exciting for me.

Thanks to the YouTube natural sisters with their very busy lifestyles,family,job and they still make out time to do tutorials that come out perfect,I don’t know how they are able to pull all of these together though but it’s quite inspiring.

So i converted one of my weaves to a wig,it came out good to me and i have rocked this for a while,and people almost don’t believe its a wig, i went on to try a second one. Here are some pictures;



This is the 2nd year i have had this weave and i like more as a wig now. Am also loving what this journey is making me become😆.

I got the look from hair to bag @ mandy_collectibles


BBM : 2BB559CB.

Instagram, @Mandy_collectibles.

Facebook, and Twitter @Mandy collectibles.

You can check her out too😊.

What has the journey inspired you to do?

Have a blessed week!!😍

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Length Check.

So i finally took out the yarn braids as i planned, took some pictures just to see what my length looks like.


Current length


Natural hair!



I cut my hair earlier because i felt i ignored the hair yet again and it got damaged. I have been feeling like my hair isn’t growing as fast i thought it ought to. Installing the yarn has helped me see what the length looks like as i am not ready for heat yet.Am encouraged,it’s not that bad after all.

For some reasons my edges have refused to work with me though😢,visibly shorter than every other part,with all the castor oil i use

After i washed the hair,it went back to looking like a TWA.  Shrinkage is real!!😰

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Yarn Locs…

Hello everyone,

How’s the natural hair journey ?For me, am loving it even more.😆

I had the last protective style(crotchet braid) in for about 6-7weeks and this i can’t remember doing before now.Well,i was on a challenge to have it in for 8weeks but this sure was a very good try for me😆.

As expected i got tired even before the 4th week.I started keeping a record of all the styles i wanted to do next,one was faux locs. I saw some really beautiful photos and decided to try this with yarn.

After prepping my hair,i went on to have this installed. For me,I think this locs would actually work better with the kinky extension,marley whatever but not yarn. Kinky extension has a more natural feel than the yarn which is kindda stiff. I don’t know if there’s another type of yarn that should be used for this though . I made a shorter length and this doesn’t relax so well as much as i think the kinky would.

Well,am not feeling the hair so much and am taking it down after 3weeks,its funny because people think i would have this in for 6 months. lol. The hair is not so full and yarn doesnt relax much. I used this as an opportunity to do a hair stretch,I cant wait to take this down by next weekend and let my hair some good air finally.

Here are some pictures of the protective style and the yarn I used:




When the braid has refused to lay


Thank you for stopping by and have a blessed week!!!

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I love this beautiful art. Whatever your hair texture and stage,just enjoy the journey.😊


Am still rocking the crotchet braid. #That Moment you decide to keep your protective for 2 months and then you start seeing all the beautiful styles you can do and you feel sooooo stuck…. pheeew! 

This is really not easy if you are like me and easily get bored with a style but i have had it for 6 weeks already. Taking it down by weekend,i cant believe i have had this long already😊.

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My 1st Crotchet Braids!!!

So one thing is established,i may never get to install my braids myself, i don’t see the time but again i know if i can set my mind on it maybe then i could😕.

Well,my birthday was on 26th september(Am most grateful to God for such a blessed life,awesome family and wonderful friends😍).In preparation i knew i deserved to give myself a treat(my hair,body and soul☺). My job takes almost all my energy and time,i look forward to the weekends to grab all the sleep i gave up during the week.☺

Well,straight to the hair part,i went to that expensive natural hair salon i knew i could only go to on treat days like this from the moment i 1st visited there😀(They are quite good but you don’t want to remember how much you get to part with. lol). I had a hair treatment and crotchet braids installed for the 1st time.  Wow! This should be the easiest hair to install,fast ,i didn’t feel pains on my scalp at all and my edges were so not bothered😆(what more can the hair want right?).It made me wonder why i haven’t been doing this protective styling. The natural hair is in corn rows,this makes washing and cleaning the scalp a lot easier. Am certain i would do more of this style,am totally in love with it😶.

Here are some of the pictures of the braid,i am not so good at styling hair but taking it off my face is an easy way for me to deal with it(i cant be bothered😆)










Pls note that this is the normal kinky twist installed with the crotchet and i learnt you can braid just any style with this.😙

What are your thoughts on crotchet braids? Pls if there are way easier ways to install braids,kindly share.

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