Detangling Your Hair

Hello Everyone,

Thought i should drop by and share this quickly. Deatngling my hair can be some work, most times i get too lazy to follow a proper procedure.

Found this and thought to share. This is basically how i detangle my hair when i have all the strength and time, the rest of the times i visit a natural hair salon and have the work done by a stylist. Hope someone finds this useful!

Blessed week guys!

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Hey Guys,

Here’s a list of some of the ways you can uae your coconut oil for a healthy hair.

Let me know which you have tried or new ways to add.

Thanks for dropping by!

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Happy New Year Guys!

A new year presents us a fresh opportunity to actulaize our objectives.

As we start this year, i pray that our dreams be fulfilled,our visions increased and our year be rich with blessings of love and peace.

Happy New Year!

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Protective Styling: Crotchet Braids with Two Tone Marley Extension


It’s clear how much i love crotchet braids already,i tried a crotchet wig as well. Oh yes,am so stuck!

This style has been around since the 90s but just started getting all the waves again in the natural hair community. There are a lot of natural hair weaves available for the sisters which makes crotchet styling even more fun😍.

There are just too many things to love about this styling.My natural hair is in cornrows and the ends properly tucked in. I get to moisturize,cleanse and not ignore my roots during this time.The installation is so easy and doesn’t add any stress to my hair or edges at all so this style totally works for me.

I installed this with two tone Marley extension, this has 12 strands in a pack and i used 12 packs. The hair was quite full and looks different from the regular kinky extensions. I had this in for about 5 weeks but been too lazy for this post.

Here are some of the pics i managed to take (Am not so good with pictures);





I will be doing more of this in different styles. This has become my second best protective after wigs.

Let me know what you think and suggestions please.

Thank you!
Have a good month!

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3 Years and counting!!!

I can’t believe it’s 3years already!  I started my natural hair journey 3years ago, i started this blog as well to help document my progress and encourage me if i ever decide to quit.

3years and am still in, i didn’t believe i could hang on this long..  I admit i had a lot of moments i got tired and didnt know what to do, at those times i was still sure i didnt want to use chemicals. I ignored the hair in weaves and protectives, my hair got damaged but i went back to proper care when i was ready again.

I have cut the hair a couple of times though, maybe trying to trim and then had a haircut, or due to hair damages. 

This journey has helped me to be conscious of what i use  generally, i have discovered the scientist in me😄 (all the things i can mix now for my hair).

Am most happy for all the people who embraced their natural state through me.

All the people who keep asking me “are you still doing that natural hair thingy” when they see me in braids.  Lol.

Thank you all for the support i received here, been so massive😊😘

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No Comb Year!!!

So this is my first post for the year. I was trying to do this for a while and see how it works for me.

Well,so far am wondering why i didn’t start this ever since. The topic says it all… NO MORE COMBS! The first time i came across a post like this,i didn’t bother reading through as i couldn’t picture how my hair can be managed without a comb. I stumbled upon a similar post again recently and wanted to read more. Now am in the game😆.

To my surprise,my hair looks fuller and am shedding less but my fingers get sooooo busy on every wash day. In place of the comb,i use my fingers to detangle. I actually get a better detangled hair as my fingers feel each tangle in my hair therefore being able to detangle each section properly.

I never thought this was going to work,its a lot easier than i had imagined and am happy i haven’t used a comb this year. This explains why locs seem to grow faster. LOW MANIPULATION!! ☺

I will go on with this and see how it turns out by year end.

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For everything that’s gone and everything good just to come 👍,Happy New Year Dearies 😍

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